• Who we are
  • Who we are

    “"Our passion has become our work, it is shared every day in our workshop in order to make our customer’s dreams come true.…”

    Mabanuby is a brainchild of two friends who have the passion of artistic confectionery. It was founded in February 2012 and the first workshop opened in 2014 where Manuela and Barbara brought originality and innovation in their sweet creations. Love for cooking and especially sweets, have always led them to be experimenters of thousand recipes. in 2012 coming upon sugar paste, curiousity about publication and specializing in the various decorative techniques helped them to obtain brilliant results in numerous national and international competitions and to win the Cup of Artistic Pastry Cup - GIC at Sigep 2016.

  • Manuela
  • Manuela Taddeo

    “…I found my way in crown decorations in Royal Icing but I also love making subjects and characters with modeling techniques and free hand painting on sugar paste”

    Manuela Silvia Taddeo was born on 08/02/1975 in Milan, graduated from artistic high school and then graduated in architecture, after important collaborations in professional studios in Milan now she has a long experience as a freelance professional. she has always been passionate about cooking and pastry, she discovered her passion for cake design in 2012.She attended various professional courses specializing in pastry and decoration at Cookery Lab, with the aim of increasing her professionalism in this field and then started the activities of Mabanuby cake design with Barbara Borghi.

    After receiving several awards, she devotes herself to teaching different techniques of Royal Icing in Italy and abroad.

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  • Barbara Borghi
  • Barbara Borghi

    “…I love all forms of pastry, from classic to modern, and bakery to praline. creating realistic flowers in sugar paste makes me so excited , making carved pies and working on small creations in isomalt make me so happy”

    Barbara Rita Borghi was born in Milan on 24/12/1972. After graduating in tourism , she started working as an employee in several top companies of Italian Market Research, she gained lots of experience in various fields and specialized in mystery shopping surveys. She always has been so enthusiastic about cooking and pastry, she discovered the passion for cake design with Manuela in 2012.She has attended various professional decoration courses and certified at the Capac de Milan with the aim of confirming his professionalism in this field and being able to start the Mabanuby cake design company together with Manuela Taddeo.

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MABANUBY Cake Design di B. Borghi e C.
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